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Ana Brtan

Vice President and Head of Human Resources

Ana Brtan oversees Symcor’s human resources (HR) management, and is responsible for driving workplace culture, guiding talent strategy, and providing strategic support towards Symcor’s business objectives. Her mission and passion are balancing the needs of the business with that of their most important assets – their people. Ana joined Symcor in 2019 to lead its Total Rewards function, where she focused on optimizing employee rewards with business needs, along with maximizing department efficiencies. A seasoned HR professional with 17 years of experience, Ana has worked for global organizations across industries such as HP and TD Bank Group. She holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, with a concentration in Strategic Human Resource Management. When not at work, Ana is busy taking her sons to sports practice. During the winter, one is most likely to find Ana spending her free time on the slopes.


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