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Key Takeaways from the Fraud Prevention Heroes Meetup, March 2018

Saba Shariff March 28, 2018
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On March 19th, the Symcor COR.IQ team hosted our 2nd annual Fraud Prevention meetup. We had another great turnout of representatives from across financial services organizations, third-party solution providers and those in public service, where the excitement around meeting with industry peers and willingness to collaborate across teams to combat fraud was very evident! It was great connecting with both familiar and new faces throughout the evening.

Cameron Field, Manager of Strategic Initiatives at BMO Financial Group reiterated the importance of meeting in-person at events such as this, helping the anti-fraud industry gain a better perspective and line of sight.

Rob Rochefort, a Fraud Analyst from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre highlighted the importance of public and private partnerships and information sharing initiatives to identify complex organized fraud scenarios.

Our very own Ann Stevens, Fraud Intelligence Lead at Symcor spoke about the need to take a layered approach to fraud prevention and detection while leveraging collaboration and link analysis to see the bigger picture. She also explained that the fraud intelligence gathering opportunity will get stronger and stronger as more organizations begin working together.

To summarize, in Cameron’s words, the essence of such an event is to get a number of subject matter experts and people really invested in fraud management and fraud prevention under one roof to discuss and network for a better tomorrow.

The team and I look forward to continuing to drive collaboration and innovation in the fraud prevention space through both our creative solutions and future events!


Saba Shariff

Saba Shariff is an acknowledged leader at Symcor Inc., a leading provider of business processing and data management services, supporting major banks, insurance, retail, and telecommunications companies in Canada. As Head of New Product Development and Innovation, Saba leads a passionate team of professionals in designing new and exciting ways to solve real customer problems and leverage data to both improve today's services and discover new ones. With over 20 years of experience in IT and Product, Saba is a frequent public speaker in the private and public sector on topics such as Collaborations or Partnerships in Canada, and Breaking Stereotypes in Business Technology Management. In her spare time, Saba enjoys being active while managing the joys and tribulations of raising a teenage son.

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