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Open Banking Expo Unplugged: How Learnings from Brazil and USA Can Help Accelerate Canada’s Framework

Symcor November 28, 2022
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Symcor’s Head of New Product Development and Corporate Strategy, Saba Shariff, spoke to Ellie Duncan in a recent episode of Open Banking Expo Unplugged, discussing lessons learned during the implementation of Open Banking in the US and Brazil.

Along with Rafael Dan Schur, EY Brazil, and Mick Smothers, EY USA, Ellie and Saba examine learnings from Brazil and the US that will help accelerate Canada’s Open Banking framework.

Tune into the Open Banking Expo Unplugged podcast to hear insights on: 

  • key challenges faced when implementing Open Banking in the Brazilian, USA markets
  • similar challenges faced in Canada
  • industry progression in addressing the challenges
  • recommendations for Canadian implementation