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Symcor: Built to Innovate

Dee Dee Milner March 01, 2018

Symcor is constantly evolving – finding ways to “Rethink” and improve our offerings and empowering our people so they can do extraordinary things. It’s our focus on providing a strategic partnership with our clients’, our ability to transform, from technology to culture, and the Accountability, Integrity, and Performance of our people that showcases our ability to work effectively as a “utility” provider. Together, with our people and clients, we have built a reputation as industry experts in an ever-changing market landscape.

Through our Insights, we’ll share some, but of course not all, of the secrets to our success along with a myriad of topics such as:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Privacy & Protection
  • Building Employee Experiences
  • Rethinking Communications

We hope to provide insights into industry trends that will empower organizations to help advance their business goals and enhance their customers’ experience.

Learn more, Grow more . . . Welcome to Symcor’s Insights…


Dee Dee Milner

When Dee Dee’s kids were younger, they always wondered what she did at work other than talk to people. It was a great question and over the years of experience she may have finally figured it out - at Symcor she gets to connect our unique people with our business strategy, focusing on how we can exceed our business goals and develop their career objectives together. Through her career, Dee Dee has had the opportunity to work in various areas of business including manufacturing operations, environmental health & safety leadership, and quality management implementation as a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. She strongly believes that these experiences have allowed her to approach HR from a different perspective and that is what Symcor is working to create, “One Symcor” +1 Unique You. Together with an awesome HR team and great business partners, we are on a transformation journey to change our business, culture and create excellent employee experiences. Now with both kids on their own, her husband John is on a mission to understand what she does at Symcor.