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Symcor Recognized as One of Canada’s Greenest Employers (2021) for 11th Consecutive Year

Symcor April 22, 2021
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For the 11th consecutive year, Symcor has been selected as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, awarded by Mediacorp Canada Inc., organizers of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. 

Led by their North Star, Connecting for Common Good, Symcor is committed to protecting natural resources and the environment through sound business processes, material choices, and waste management practices. Sustainability and environmental awareness are encouraged at all levels within the company, and sustainability performance is measured as an integral part of annual business objectives. 

Symcor partners extensively with various green organizations, enabling employees to volunteer, increase awareness, raise funds, and make a real difference within their communities. Symcor employees have been volunteering for more than a decade with the Toronto Zoo's ‘Acres for the Atmosphere’ tree planting initiative, and also the ‘Meadows for Monarchs’ pollinator planting program. While paused during the pandemic, the company donated its allocated funds to the zoo to help cover ongoing animal-care costs.

Symcor understands that energy usage is a large contributor to growing greenhouse gas emissions and is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment. Symcor continues to offset the emissions associated with energy-use by purchasing renewable electricity to meet the power needs of its large printing facilities.

Along with encouraging alternative modes of getting to and from work, Symcor provides secure bike parking, dedicated spots for Electric Vehicles, preferred parking for carpoolers and transit discounts. 

In-house recycling programs at Symcor capture a wide range of recyclables along with non-conventional items, while waste-reduction programs across its nine locations consistently achieve a high diversion rate.

Moving forward, Symcor is committed to continuing to champion a green mindset and instill a focus on environmental sustainability within its company culture.

Method of Selection for Canada’s Greenest Employers 2021

Now in its 14th year, Canada's Greenest Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes employers who lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness. Applicants for the award are compared to other employers in their industry. Winning employers, selected by editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers, are evaluated using four main criteria:

  1. unique environmental initiatives or programs they have developed
  2. whether they have been successful in reducing their own environmental footprint
  3. whether their employees are involved in these programs and contribute unique skills
  4. and whether their environmental initiatives have become linked to the employer's public identity, attracting new employees or customers.


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