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The Skills and Competencies Required to Thrive within the New Realities of Work

Symcor May 17, 2021
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Symcor’s Director of People and Organizational Development, Carla Reale, was recently interviewed on the Skills of the Future podcast that is hosted by Perennial Talent, a competency based talent management company. The theme of the podcast series spotlights HR Game Changers and discusses the skills and competencies required to face the new realities of work.

Passionate about fostering inclusive cultures and mobilizing stakeholders around a common vision of excellence, Carla shared her insights on the critical role the human resources function plays in realizing business objectives.

Even as COVID-19 has changed how we work, the rapid acceleration of digital transformation has driven organizations to be more nimble, adaptive and resilient to change, and continually reinvent. The implications of this highly transformative period on the well-being of the workforce raises new demands to invest more deeply and widely in employee well-being.

Speaking to Christine Lamothe, President of Perennial Talent, Carla reflects on the drastically different realities of the workplace in the pandemic. Due to the essential nature of Symcor’s services, approximately 1000 of our Operations employees across Canada have continued to work onsite with rigorous physical distancing measures and strict hygiene protocols in place. Symcor’s corporate employees are meanwhile split into remote work environments. Carla talks about the importance of open communication and investing in employee well-being to tide the loss of social interaction.

Tune into the Skills of the Future podcast to hear Carla speak about:


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