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We Are Building Better Tomorrows with Corporate Social Responsibility

Symcor September 13, 2018
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than just a business practice for Symcor, it is a commitment. Last month marked the second anniversary of establishing our signature cause program, a testament to our employees’ commitment to supporting their communities. With dedication and passion, Symcor employees work together to conceptualize, plan, and implement a program that enhances their experience while making a better world. 

In early 2016, determined to make our CSR strategy more meaningful to our employees, we set up a Cause Committee comprised of representative employees from every level of the corporation. All employees were surveyed for ideas about how to identify, choose, and put the cause strategy into practice. With guidance from an external organization that connects causes and companies, the committee led the development of our CSR vision and mission and ultimately the recommendation of our charitable cause partners who work with us to fulfill that mandate.

Establishing a signature cause was the first step. Symcor considered four criteria

  1. The cause must have meaningful and measurable social impact on the communities we serve;
  2. It must resonate with our employees;
  3. It must align with our company mission; and,
  4. It must be relevant to our business.

Coinciding with Symcor’s 20th anniversary, on August 12, 2016, we announced our signature cause: Possibilities, building tomorrows together. Our vision is to end the cycle of poverty by educating marginalized youth through access to relevant programs and activities. Pathways to Education and United Way’s All in for Youth became our organizational partners.

Over the past two years, the Possibilities program has seen a great response with support from employees across all our sites, both with our organizational partners as well as with other charitable organizations. For example, Symcor presented bursaries to students at the CEDA Pathways Graduation Ceremony in Winnipeg. In Toronto, we sponsored Eva’s Home for Life helping homeless and at-risk youths. The inaugural Rainbow Community Scholarship was granted for exceptional leadership in making the community safer, more accepting, and inclusive for LGBTQ youth. We also presented bursary awards to several youths participating in Eva’s Graphic Communications and Print Training Program. In Calgary, after attending United Way’s All in for Youth program presentations, several Symcor staff volunteered to be math tutors and mentors.

With a focus on community, diversity, education, environment, and health, Symcor meets our commitment to CSR head-on, with the whole company getting in on the action. President and CEO, Chameli Naraine, acknowledges, “The best ideas and our most significant CSR accomplishments have come from employees who see opportunities and develop the plans then turn them into realities.”

Two years is a short time to have accomplished so much. In celebration, Symcor thanks its dedicated employees and partners. Possibilities, building tomorrows together – working together brings success.