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Mailroom Optimizer

Process multi-channel inbound communications with speed and efficiency.

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Mailroom Optimizer helps your business address customer inquiries faster,

reduce operational costs and minimize errors associated with manual processing. 

Digitize and automate inbound communications to improve operational efficiency

  • Accelerate extraction of data by digitizing and automating the classification of documents
  • Enhance customer experiences by enabling client-specific business rules and validations
  • Streamline exception handling through automated notifications
  • Strengthen inbound communications with industry-leading security and data controls
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Benefits of Mailroom Optimizer

Improve response times

Lower carbon footprint

Minimize the cost and errors of manual processing

Enhance data quality and integrity

How does Mailroom Optimizer work?

  1. Receive incoming customer documents from multiple sources such as email, post, fax or portal
  2. Extract and collect key data utilizing advanced automation
  3. Apply business rules to scrub and structure data
  4. Activate downstream processes with structured digitized information 
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Industries that can benefit from Mailroom Optimizer

25+ years of powering industry-wide solutions.

  • 10M+
    pages processed in 2022
  • +99%
    service levels reached in 2022
  • 6
    sites nationwide to support streamlined and reliable processing

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Contact Symcor to learn more about enhancing the efficiency of your organization’s mailroom.

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