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CEO Address

Symcor President and CEO, Chameli Naraine,  speaks about Symcor’s North Star of creating richer outcomes for our partners by Connecting for Common Good. Click on the image to watch the video.
Why Symcor
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We have the Business-to-Industry (B2I) intelligence and expertise to accelerate change, and the track record to execute it. See how this ties into each of our solutions below:
Customer Communications & Experience

Our full suite of innovative, industry-leading customer communication management solutions helps you build stronger relationships with your customers across the entire customer journey. Create personalized, interactive, and engaging communication materials based on your channel needs and adapt to changing conditions with a single content management solution.

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Payment Processing

We manage the complete end-to-end customer journey from point of presentment and capture to archiving and research for Financial Institutions, Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance companies, and corporate businesses. By leveraging our technology, we can spot payment trends, detect fraud and improve payment acceptance channels.

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Analytics & Data Services

Empower your organization to stand united against fraud through an alliance of Canadian financial institutions that harnesses the strength of the network effect. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our innovative models help our clients detect and predict fraud. Our dedicated teams have a history of proactive innovation excellence and are ready to help your organization make the right decisions to protect itself against fraud risk.

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See how our solutions are leveraged in your industry.

We have been transforming industries for 25 years

  • Millions
    of capital investments made over the last 2 years to support our Digital Transformation Strategy
  • 9 facilities
    across Canada to support our clients’ needs
  • 25 years
    of excellence