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We accelerate digital transformations in the insurance space by creating customized, interactive and secure customer experiences

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We are committed to the continuous investment in innovation to foster the discovery of the next generation of products

We aim to develop solutions that are focused around supporting cost-savings for our clients and enhanced communication for end-users. Our suite of electronic tools seamlessly integrate at a single source making it easy to manage content across multiple channels, saving time, improving content consistency and increasing the speed to market of critical and timely communication.
Our Products and Services
Return Mail Optimizer
Process Optimization

Machine learning and document training capabilities allows our platform to become smarter as it reads more documents. Discover features such as smart data extraction for touchless document processing, an automated decision-making process for flagging outliers, and many more.

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Remittance Services
Payment Processing

Our unified lockbox application is an image enabled platform with near real-time online access to all processed items, allowing quicker access to your remittance information while maintaining compliance with X9 file receipt and exchange standards. Access detailed information through advanced web search and online self-service, extend web archive storage for up to 10 years, and enable efficient distributed capture and straight through processing.

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Mailroom Optimizer
Process Optimization

We combine advanced automation technologies with human supervision to enable cost efficiencies and improve customer experiences.

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