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Maintain regulatory compliance of all client communications across multiple platforms. All without missing a step.

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Constantly changing regulations and compliance can make utility communications a complicated undertaking

Our deep expertise and robust omni-channel solutions deliver complete information consistency while ensuring regulatory compliance of all client multi-platform communications.
Our Products and Services
Image Archive and Delivery Service
Payment Processing

As one of Canada’s largest trusted data processing companies, we store millions of images that are available to you for up to 10 years. We offer easy accessibility through digital file transfer and on-demand online access to locate and access images and their associated meta data when it is convenient for you.

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Return Mail Optimizer
Process Optimization

We centralize, standardize, and automate the handling of returned mail to maintain your customer relations.

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A suite of end-to-end solutions that optimize and streamline customer communications.

Ingest multiple data streams and produce normalized data to support a variety of outgoing data formats. Discover the capability to accept data from multiple sources while reusing existing legacy core system data to avoid costly upstream changes.

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