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Do you think you know Symcor? Our company culture might surprise you

Symcor June 10, 2019
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How does your company treat its clients? Why do they hire the people they hire? These are two key ways to gauge a company’s culture, but there are lots more. Every aspect of work—from dress code, to contract negotiation and approval process, to how a company develops its employees, and much more—is part of the corporate culture. An organization’s culture reflects its collective values, beliefs, and behaviours. It is how things get done.

Chameli Naraine, Symcor’s President and CEO, explains how important culture is: “To make [vision and strategy] real as a leader, you personally have to get out and do your best to create the circumstances and build the culture that will make that vision possible.” Once the leader has set the example, success is only possible if the entire team is on board, working together at all levels.

Our core values

Symcor is an organization of collaboration and innovation, through and through. Our employees are committed to working together and bringing their best to Symcor so we can be the best. To that end, we came together in early 2017 to begin a transformational journey to create a culture that develops the unique skills and expertise of each employee. One of the key results was defining our core values: Accountability, Integrity and Performance. Or, simply put: owning, being and doing.
Symcor takes vested ownership in every interaction from its inception to its conclusion. We live up to the principle of Accountability by empowering our employees to make decisions supported by clarity of the problem and clear communication. In such an environment of accountability, mistakes are made and that, too, is OK. We admit the mistake, take action to correct it and learn from it for the future…  We own it!

Integrity means being open, honest and responsible to all: employees, clients and the community. This begins when we are transparent, listen for positive intent and speak up. Integrity means doing the right thing, and part of that is promoting inclusivity and diversity because they benefit individuals, the company and our community.

Our differences make us stronger

Symcor develops our employees personally and professionally. Our +1 Unique You® philosophy represents Symcor’s appreciation for the different skills and backgrounds each employee brings to work every day. Each employee has an important role in achieving our overall success, whether a business accomplishment, an industry achievement or our community involvement. We support the interests of our employees through participation in development programs, business challenges and community events that are mutually beneficial in strengthening their skills and abilities.

People do their job every day in the workplace but, for Symcor, Performance is more than doing your job. Consistently delivering measurable value in a timely manner is our company standard. Support for achieving this high performance standard is evident in all levels of the organization. Craig Menzies, Senior Vice President, Client Service Delivery and Operations, sees his job as “making sure our internal teams are supported, challenged and excited to be part of Symcor’s innovative and performance-driven culture.” He goes on to say, “We’ve built our business practices on highly engineered processes, but consistently delivering service excellence comes down to people.”

Our goal includes flexibility and resilience

Our culture transformation journey began by looking at our strengths and establishing our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). We understand that our culture is key to a successful growth strategy because we are aligned on the vision and we know how we will work together to reach that goal. We know that in order to navigate the transitions and evolution change brings, we need to be flexible and resilient. As our employees develop and grow, they bring new perspectives and competencies that allow us to accelerate change for our clients and contribute to the communities we serve.

Navigating through change has its challenges. The solid support of a strong organizational culture makes the difference between just surviving the change and having the flexibility and resilience to drive your company to new success. Becoming aware of your culture is the first step. Once you know why and how things get done in your company, you can work together to transform your culture and make your vision of success a reality.

If you’d like to experience corporate culture at its best, consider the Symcor experience. To find out more about career opportunities at Symcor, visit:

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