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Symcor Launches Accessibility Central to Enable Inclusive Customer Experiences

Symcor February 27, 2023
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Symcor, a leading Canadian organization that enables secure data exchanges, has announced the launch of the newest product within its COR.CCX suite of solutions. Accessibility Central supports clients in creating inclusive customer communications to accommodate diverse accessibility needs.

“Organizations are realizing the importance of ensuring that all Canadians can benefit from their products and services,” says Murali Dorai, VP Product Management at Symcor. “Accessibility Central helps our clients meet the accessibility needs of their customers by enhancing customer communications both seamlessly and efficiently.”

How Accessibility Central works

Accessibility Central is powered by Symcor’s COR.CCX division, which provides a suite of end-to-end customer communication solutions. Accessibility Central can help organizations accelerate their ability to meet certain federal and provincial legislative and regulatory requirements, such as the Accessible Canada Act, and comply with obligations arising under Canada’s human rights frameworks. 

This product enables clients to create customer communications in a variety of digital and printed formats, such as universally accessible PDFs, large print and braille, that better meet their customers’ communication needs. With the ability to generate an extensive range of accessible formats through a single product, Accessibility Central simplifies clients’ business and procurement processes while allowing them to provide seamless and inclusive experiences for their customers.  

Accessibility developments in Canada

The federal government passed the Accessible Canada Act in 2019 to help people with disabilities participate fully and equally in society by identifying, removing and preventing barriers to accessibility in priority areas such as employment and information and communication technologies. The Act’s long-term goal is to create a barrier-free Canada by 2040. 

Under the Act, Accessibility Standards Canada was established to develop accessibility standards for federally regulated industries, which can include banking, telecommunications and transportation. Several provinces have enacted accessibility legislation and created accessibility standards for provincially regulated businesses and organizations. 

Symcor’s long-standing history of Connecting for Common Good

For over 26 years, Symcor has supported some of Canada’s largest organizations by facilitating safe and secure data exchanges to enable digital transformation. Symcor has a trusted history of providing industry-wide solutions in a wide variety of sectors including banking, insurance, government, telecommunications and utilities. 

Guided by its north star – Connecting for Common Good – Symcor is committed to providing services that enable Canadians to attain information in the formats that best suit them, effectively supporting the nation-wide effort to remove barriers to accessibility.

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