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The Story Behind Symcor’s Culture Transformation

Symcor November 27, 2020
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Fostering a positive culture is one of the most effective ways to achieve organizational goals. Your culture should reflect the collective values, beliefs and behaviours of the company. In 2017, Symcor set out on a culture transformation journey to align with its growth strategy. A company wide effort over the past four years helped Symcor achieve a high-performance culture that has been resilient and agile in the face of a global pandemic.

Symcor’s Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Dee Dee Milner, was a recent guest on the Culture Conversations podcast hosted by Toronto-based culture and leadership consultancy, Hazel & Collins Associates (HCA). The podcast features industry-leading executives who share their experience of driving culture change in their organizations.

In the episode, Dee Dee Milner takes us behind the scenes of Symcor’s culture transformation journey, shares key wins and challenges of mobilizing desired culture in a diverse workplace, and offers advise for organizations who are embarking on the path to change.

Tune into the HCA’s Culture Conversations podcast for a deep dive into Symcor’s culture evolution:


After being with Symcor for over 12 years, Dee Dee Milner is heading into an exciting new phase in retirement. As the force behind Symcor’s culture transformation, Dee Dee leaves an indelible mark on Symcor’s culture. Her leadership was instrumental in unlocking the power of our human capital and created a high-performance environment that will always be celebrated as her legacy and will continue to drive the company culture forward.

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